Various engineering training courses available in the market

The growing emphasis of the masses on engineering education has led to the mushrooming of numerous engineering institutions in the country. Statistics reveal that India is home to more than 7000 engineering colleges that mint several lakhs of engineers every year. However, if the national employability report is to be believed a separate skill set apart from the regular curriculum will go a long way in adding value to the resumes of engineers and also make them more desired by prospective employers.

Various engineering training courses available in the market

This makes one wonder if enrolment in an engineering course alone is enough. Securing and performing the requisite jobs requires skills that can be imparted only through hands-on training and not just theoretical classroom sessions conducted in colleges. Various coaching institutes have thus taken up the responsibility to conduct training courses to equip engineering students with the requisite skills beyond the college curriculum. There are training programs for engineering students that help them gain exposure to different software and technologies that may be useful in the real-world application of their engineering expertise. They also offer hands-on experience of the domain that the students aim to work in.

If you are an engineering student and wish to be trained to make a mark in the field, below are some training courses that you can consider:


CAD Training:


All civil, mechanical, Cs and IT engineering students can benefit from CAD training. It is a software application that helps in designing and drafting. It supports both 2D and 3D formats and is used widely by engineers and engineering firms. The major benefits include improvement in designer productivity, increase in the design quality, better documentation, easy creation of manufacturer database, an easy saving of design data to avoid reiterations etc. The plethora of benefits that Auto Cad has to offer makes it a coveted skill for engineers and finds application in various walks of professional life.

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 Various engineering training courses available in the market

The world of emulation and automation finds the knowledge of Robotics as a value addition and enables engineers with expertise in automation. All engineering branches can take advantage from this training.

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3D printing:

 3d printer technology

The vigorous entry 3D printing technology into the market can be attributed to the need of architects for 3D printed models for structure design. It is also a requirement for doctors to understand x-rays, bone damages, demonstrative structures and a lot more. There are numerous other fields that demand 3D prints including Army, educational institutions etc. 3D printing is thus a training that can open up multiple avenues. It also opens up paths to the world of robotics. Taking up 3D printing training will enable engineers from all branches to exhibit their creativity and open up opportunities in various spaces.

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Unigraphics training:

 Unigraphics training


Mechanical engineering students can extract benefits out of this training as it greatly aids designing process for them. It strengthens projects by offering the following benefits:

  • Reduction in machining time
  • Improvement in quality of part, accuracy and the finishing of surface
  • Improvisation in the success rate of deployment of new machines
  • Best and maximized use of resources for manufacturing.


Knowledge and training of Unigraphics hence equip you for making mechanical engineering projects more effective.

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Project based training on Internet of Things:

Project based training on Internet of Things

Since the world is becoming connected each day owing to the interconnectivity offered by technological advances, a study of IOT is becoming a strengthening skill. IOT enables data transfer across a network without human interaction with the help of devices, objects etc. that are interrelated and provided with identifiers that are unique to each of them.

IOT projects require minds that can help successful execution using specialized tools. One of the standard tools that add both professional and academic value is MATLAB. It is also used by engineers like a language in the technical computing space. Project based training to learn MATLAB and its applications is a great addition to your resume and skills. Students from electronics, electrical, mechanical, robotics, CS and IT domains can benefit from this training.

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Programming languages:



Though they are already a part of the engineering curriculum, learning programming languages is always a value addition for CS and IT engineers. The demand for programming languages is never going to sink owing to the fact that computers will never fade but shine further. JAVA, C++, dot net etc. are some of the languages that you can learn. There are several others that can help you achieve success in your career as a computer or IT engineer. Training programs are available in the market, that help you work on live projects in order to further strengthen your knowledge acquired in college. This could also be expanded to web and app development that is a much in demand skill in the current scenario.

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In order to cope up with the challenging times ahead and increasing competition, we could take our steps and train ourselves to become valuable resources that organizations would not want to miss, everyone can be an engineer but it takes skills to be the one in demand. Take your steps now to be the engineer that possesses skills beyond academics and set yourself apart from the crowd.



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