Automobile and Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas

There are some Automobile and  Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas for final year engineering students, which are as following:-

1.  Rollator’s Parking Brake System

2.  Automatic Tyre Pressure Inflation System

3. Go Kart Engineering Project

Go Kart Engineering Project

4.  Stair Climbing Robot

5.  Air Driven Engine

6.  Hydraulic mechanism for lifting heavy weight with simple remote

7.  Automatic Scrap Collecting Machine

Automatic Scrap Collecting Machine

8.  Material Placement and Management Crane for multiple apartment system

9.  Free Energy drilling machine by implementing manual method

10.  Multilevel Car Parking system with intelligent guiding system

11.  Automatic Wheel Chair Project

Automatic Wheel Chair project

12.  Advanced Solar mechanism which track maximum sun light for greater output

13.  Swing Cutter method for Hassel free cutting

14.  Pedal Powered Washing Machine

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