Latest Electronics and Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

1. Hand Motion Controlled Robot:

A hand motion controlled robot which can be controlled by your hand gestures not by old buttons. You just need to wear a small transmitting device in your hand which included an acceleration meter. This will transmit an appropriate command to the robot so that it can do whatever we want. The transmitting device included a comparator IC for analog to digital conversion and an encoder IC(HT12E) which is use to encode the four bit data and then it will transmit by an RF Transmitter module.Accurate Institute Of Management & Technology.

Hand Motion Controlled Robot

2. Wireless Electronics notice board using GSM:

The project wireless electronic notice board is used to change notice board data and information which is displayed on LCD using SMS. This SMS is used to change the display of the system from far place using GSM service. This wireless system is using GSM modem to receive SMS. Whenever a message comes from a authorized mobile number the GSM modem send this message to the microcontroller. The microcontroller receives this data serially through its register SBUF and store that message in a variable. Now this message is send to the LCD to display the message on notice board. Now notice board will display a new message.

Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using GSM

3. Electricity Generate Using Footstep:

The control mechanism carries the piezoelectric sensor, A.C ripples neutralizer, unidirectional current controller and 12V, 1.3Amp lead acid dc rechargeable battery and an inverter is used to drive AC/DC loads. The battery is connected to the inverter. This inverter is used to convert the 12 Volt D.C to the 230 Volt A.C. This 230 Volt A.C voltage is used to activate the loads. We are using conventional battery charging unit also for giving supply to the circuitry. Here we are using 16X2 LCD to display the voltage values of the rechargeable battery using ATMEGA16.

Electrical Projects - Electricity Generate using Footstep

4. Rain Water Alarm System:

Water is basic need in every one’s life. Saving and proper usage of water is very important. Here is an easy project which will give the alarm when there is rain, so that we can make some actions and save the rain water. As a result, we can increase the water levels of underground water by using underwater recharge technique.

Electrical Projects - Rain Water Alarm System

5. Wireless power transmission:

Unless you are particularly organized and good with tie wrap, you probably have a few dusty power cord tangles around your home. You may have even had to follow one particular cord through the seemingly impossible snarl to the outlet hoping that the plug you pull will be the right one. This is one of the downfalls of electricity. While it can make people’s lives easier, it can add a lot of clutter in the process. For these reasons, scientists have tried to develop methods of wireless power transmission that could cut the clutter or lead to clean sources of electricity.

Electrical Projects - Wireless Power Transmission

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